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Original pencil drawings of animals - domestic and wildlife, buildings, and transport. Open and Limited Edition prints from the original pencil work of Andrew C Brooks. These distinctive pencil drawings capture a vast variety of tones, and the quality of line displays a great deal of depth and feeling.

The pictures are intricate and produced with considerable patience reflecting complete attention to detail, giving them an accurate and true to life depiction. Pencil drawings make ideal presents because of their personal nature, for example, a commission (i.e. of a pet or building) has that extra 'personal touch'.

"Dear Andrew,

My son, Simon, arranged for you to draw my family home for my 60th birthday recently and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with it. It has pride of place and I shall treasure it always, not just because of the subect and the thought behind it, but also your craftmanship.

Your work will give me pleasure for many years because it invokes so many happy memories."

Yours sincerely, Caroline Bayley

Click on the Portfolio page to see some examples of Andrew's pencil drawings of buildings, from both commissions and original pencil drawings.

Andrew is developing certain themes at present within the subjects: buildings, transport and wildlife. For example, there is "The Winter Collection" greetings cards which proved to be popular and will be added to at a later date.

The "Theme" buildings, can be sub-divided into the following categories: buildings of general public interest, castles, hotels, private and public houses, and restaurants.

The commissioned pencil drawing, "Ullswater Boathouse", is a very good example of graphite pencil drawing specialist skills, in which the varying tones and texture display the depth and intricacies of the subject, and also shows characteristic water reflection.

The "Wildlife Theme" is divided into collections such as: "The Safari Collection", "British Wildlife Collection and "Birds of Prey Collection".

The "Transport Theme" covers all aspects of travel - air, rail, road and water. Please visit the Portfolio page to see examples.

Commissioned Work - Domestic animals, from guinea pigs to horses

Inexpensive commissioned original pencil drawings, usually working from photographs, make ideal presents with true-to-life depiction. Each pencil portrait is a one-off which is distinctive in character and quality. They are very personal, meeting individual requirements and are often emotional; for example, the sensations felt by people who are touched by the accuracy of the pencil drawings of their pet, or horse, and so on. Some examples of domestic pencil drawings can be found on the Portfolio page.

"Dear Andrew

Today I opened a present that took my breath away (it also
made me cry!).

It was a picture commissioned by my friend Jill of a certain very special little dog that you have captured to perfection. Everyone who has seen it has been amazed at the likeness - it is now hanging in pride of place and I am so thrilled by it.

I just had to write to thank you for being such a remarkable artist."

Clair Cheney

"Dear Andrew

Thank you very much for your kindness and your works of art that will be the best present imaginable for my dear wife.

I enjoyed meeting you and will always be in your debt".

With huge gratitude, Hector

The evolvement of Andrew's distinctive pencil drawings has taken place over the past three decades. His interest in wildlife and architecture (buildings) has lead him to study these subjects, along with various modes of transport. Andrew has a strong passion for the protection of elephants and otters, and he supports the WWF, Godalming, Surrey and the IOSF International Otter Survival Fund, Broadford, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

In 2001, ACB Arts was launched to publish and market ACB Arts greetings cards and open edition prints of various subjects including dolphin, giraffe, gorilla, koala, owl, penguin, squirrel and zebra with an ever expanding range in the pipeline. In July 2003 Andrew became a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

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