Andrew C. Brooks is a pencil artist generalising mainly in animals, both domestic and wildlife, buildings and transportation subject matter. He was born in Kent and attended Brighton College of Art & Design. He is an experienced and accomplished artist which has evolved over the past three decades.

He started his career as a graphic designer in the field of promotion and advertising, and the latter years of him being a graphic designer were spent working in the 'rock and pop' industry.

Andrew launched the company ACB Arts in 2001 and it is based in Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. Pencil drawing is a specialist skill, and he captures the varying tones of lead, and displays the depth and intricacies of a subject. He works with keen attention to detail to ensure accurate 'true to life' portrayals.

He has not only a strong passion for the protection of elephants and otters, but also an interest in architecture. This has lead to an enthusiasm to capture the mixture of elegance and strength; the styles in which buildings have been designed and constructed, showing the overall appearance and character on paper with his pencils.

Whereas many other artists seem to concentrate on drawing animals, domestic but particularly wildlife, Andrew has a tendency to focus on various styles of building. Whilst visiting mainland Spain for the first time, during April 2003, he experinced an amazing 'inspiration' and 'enthusiasm'.

"The motivation for me was very strong indeed, an incredible passionate feeling from within, occurred while sitting on a terrace of the villa Carmen Santa Ana, Granada, looking across the narrow valley at all the various shapes and forms of villas, churches and plants of Albaizin.


It's from scenarios such as this, because of that inner feeling, that I feel I create my better and more exceptional pieces of work."

In July 2003 Andrew became a member
of the Fine Art Trade Guild.


In order to complement distinctive pencil drawings they should be mounted and framed professionally, to provide that final finishing touch. Andrew has established a very good working relationship with a local framer, Fringe Arts.

Lyn Hall GCF Adv. and Hannah Birtwhistle GCF of Fringe Arts continually strive to achieve a high level of workmanship. They undertake to advise and frame at a level appropriate to the artwork provided, and both of them are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

In 2004 Fringe Arts entered two framing competitions held by the Fine Art Trade Guild, and they won both categories. An excellent achievement!

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