"Why original pencil drawings make ideal personal presents."

Your special or favourite domestic animal(s), present or past; wildlife animals; birds; buildings; transport . . . can be captured forever. Click on the Portfolio page to see some examples of Andrew's pencil drawings of domestic and wildlife animals.

You, the customer, choose the size to suit your needs - because customers are important - and this includes the individuality of a personal service tailored to specific requirements.

The completed product is of high quality, and when it is a personal commission (i.e. a pet), this can sometimes be very emotional for
the recipient.

Colour is usually used for the animals eyes; because eyes express so much feeling, the appropriate eye colour(s) help to capture the animals' individual characters. This adds to improving the impact of the drawings, as well as making them more distinctive.

So, affordable original pencil drawings or prints make ideal presents, particularly personal when it is a commission. Remember to plan ahead for all those special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, marriages and any other relevant occasion.

The prices are competitive in today's market. The cost of an A4 one-off original pencil drawing ranges from 40 - 200, depending on the area covered and detail of the subject. An A3 one-off pencil drawing price ranges from 150 - 450, again depending on the area covered and the detail of the subject. In addition to this, we have in stock an ever expanding range of unmounted and mounted (shrink wrapped) open edition prints available. Click on the Enquiries page for further information and to contact Andrew to discuss your requirements..

Trading Terms

ACB Arts will gladly offer advice and help in connection with commissions and open and limited edition prints. We are not, however, able to supply fixed telephone quotations for commissions.

Owing to the varied range of details involved with any individual subject - be it an animal, building, or form of transport - it is important that we see at least a photograph of the said subject for assessment.

If you wish to talk over your requirements with us, we would love to hear from you.

The copyright of all commissioned pencil drawings is owned by the artist, the licensor, but is subject to any contrary agreement.


Please enjoy our site and feel free to email us with your comments and suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

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